Friday, November 1, 2013

A Collection of Responsive Design Resources

I complied a collection of resources for my team so we can get our arms around the task of designing sites for multiple devices. This first link, Ten Things to Know about Responsive Design, provides a beginner's level of understanding for the concept. It’s recommended reading for the both tech and non-technical folks. I encourage you to invest 5 minutes and read through this one. Even if you are intimately familiar with responsive design, this article provides a rationale for its use and will form the basis for a common understanding. 

Some of these articles are more for tech folks to enjoy. This one provides the JQuery code for determining window width

This article talks about sizing fonts with CSS in responsive design. It’s one of the better ones from the many articles I read. I’d recommend tech folks read this one. 

This article points out the requirements in UI for small devices, how for example, will buttons and bigger elements make it easier for users when using small devices or tablets. Since it gives good food for thought, I’d recommend non tech and tech folks read this one. 

This last article is maybe one of the first and most important articles written on the subject of responsive design. It’s quite complicated and takes time to read and digest. It’s worthwhile for the techies and the non techies but it is likely to scare some people off because it is a mix of English and code. It’s very well written and worth a read - just ignore the scary parts.

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