Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AdWords Advice

There's an article in the NY Times about Google AdWords http://nyti.ms/frofsb. I often tell clients the same things. "First start small and second don't give up, but AdWords is not for everyone."

Many times I tell clients that they should begin with just $25 a month. That's about a dollar a day. And of course everyone says, well that won't have any effect on revenue. Of course it probably won't increase revenues at that level of spending. But it will give us good direction on what ads and keywords drive traffic and revenue. What you learn in the beginning, you can apply to a much bigger program later.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Russotti's Paradox

Generally in marketing, whether its a specific consumer segment, a particular geographic target, a particular price point or a demographic, seasonal promotions or event driven demand - assumptions can become self fulfilling prophesies.

For example, people join gyms to get ready for the beach and to lose weight after the holidays. When do gyms advertise? Then all people join gyms when the advertising runs. Then advertising that runs during these periods is more effective than ads at other times. So no ads run outside these periods.

Women take more photos than men. So who are photo advertisements targeted to? Then more women buy cameras. Then over time ads are directed at women and less and less men buy cameras.

The Paradox:

Assumptions whether true or false - are self fulfilling - call it Russotti's Paradox.