Monday, March 1, 2010

Find Out More About SEMPO Emerging Technologies Committee

SEMPO Emerging Technologies Committee is a forum for SEMPO members to share information about search as it relates to new platforms like mobile, voice and interactive television.

Open to participation from all SEMPO members, the Emerging Technologies committee is looking for participants with experience in new and emerging technologies.

SEMPO Emerging Technologies Committee is a worthwhile group and participation is a good way to share your experience with others. You can help:

• Develop educational website materials to demystify new technologies for SEMPO members.
• Collect case studies that exemplify successful SEO strategies for emerging medias.
• Host webinars and seminars for education and awareness.
• Conduct research and produce studies that are beneficial to members and to the industry at large. Sample topics: User Acceptance of Mobile Paid Media, Mobile Search: What Users Want and How They are Finding It.
• Develop course material for the SEMPO institute.